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The Combined Events

When an athlete has finished his Combined Event, he has achieved something special - it makes no difference if this was a Throwing Pentathlon, normal Pentathlon, Heptathlon (Women Masters) or the Kings event, the Decathlon.

"King of the Athletes" or "King of the Stadium", this phrase holds in itself the Honour to all the athletes, who have accomplished a Repertoir of Performances during many hours, even in some cases during two days. Certainly, all Decathletes, which disposes of all the technical abilities and the physical body fitness, get a real feeling of satisfaction when they succesfully end their challenge. After all, they live in a 2 days "Non Stop Action". During that time they are challenged up to the highest limits, as well physically as mentally. Or you could say, they challenge themselves.

But from a certain age, it is getting more difficult for athletes to live up to their own expectations. The older one gets, the more recent performances differ from past personal records. This is the basis to establish the Age Factors. They take into account the performance reduction due to old age, and bring these recent performances as an elderly up to the former regular standard performances that were accomplishedas a youngster.

The WMA Age Factors "Model 2010"

Starting January 2010, these new Age Factors will be used for the first time all over the world in all Combined Events. These new Age Factors have been established by taking into account the best Combined Events performances of Men and Women in all age categories. This has given us the first possibility to test all Combined Events performances of the last decade and to compare them with the Standard factors of the Masters.

That's why now will be established a general classification of athletes (M/W) in all age categories of the former Combined Events. That way, we can give all credit and honor to those performances of athletes that have been established in athletics during a long period in the field of Combined Events, in spite of many adversities.

But sadly enough, I have noticed that all over the world, a lot of national records in Combined Events have been noted only with points and not with performances for each event. This means that these records cannot be compared because the established performances are not adequately represented by only a points total.

These statistics will be updated at the end of each athletics season.

Scoring "Model 2010" - a long way to go... Read more.

Bernd Rehpenning

Age Factors "Model 2010"

WMA Council has asked the German athlete and statistician Bernd Rehpenning to revise the age factors for the combined events. These are now ready and will be applicatable from the first of May 2010 following the decision of Lahti General Assembly.

WMA would like to thank Bernd Rehpenning for this huge work and moreover would like to thank him for making age factors for all stadia athletics events which will be posted as soon as been made available by him. WMA also thanks Rex Harvey for beginning this reform which has been finalised by the new elected WMA Council.

Download WMA MODEL 2010.pdf (05.03.2010)

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